Tomodachi Story Jam for Youth with Disabilities




Fall 2023 TOMODACHI Story Jam (Storytelling) for Youth with Disabilities



Story Jam is a nine-week digital storytelling program that brings together diverse Japanese and American college students and young professionals with disabilities to explore experiences, learn leadership skills, and build community with other youth through digital storytelling.


Application Instructions:  

  • Type your answers in English into this online form. If you need an alternative format (e.g., Braille, large print) of the application form, please contact ​​​​​
  • Once you begin your application, you can come back any time to complete your application without losing your information. The system will save the information for you.
  • Please use the same link on the same computer or mobile device where you originally started the application. If you need assistance, please contact 
  • You will have an opportunity to review your application responses and download a PDF of those responses prior to submitting your application.


Application Deadline:  July 28, 2023