Personal Testimony of Dr. Stephen Shore and his transition journey

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In this webinar Stephen Shore, Ed.D., recounts his experiences with autism and discusses the support systems that helped him transition to adulthood and independence. He describes the ability-based approach and uses anecdotal stories to portray its potential for assisting with transitions and overall quality of life. Shore presents suggestions to help individuals find what and how to disclose and underscores the importance of finding strengths by looking at personal interests. The speaker notes difficulties in sexual experiences and education for youth with autism and reiterates the importance of self-advocacy, especially during and after the pandemic. He closes with a question-and-answer session.


A professor of special education at Adelphi University, Dr. Shore was diagnosed with autism in early childhood. He recounted how his parents encouraged his strong interests and engaged in helping to teach him communication skills, both of which ultimately led him to success in school and job opportunities. His love of bicycles and strengths in disassembling and rebuilding things led him to become a bicycle mechanic as an older teen and in college. Later, his gift for music and helping others advocate for their educational and employment needs led him to study music and develop curricula that builds on student strengths.